from a young person:

“I got cards when I went back to school – they made me smile. Plus, they had cool stickers too.”

from group home staff:

“I handed one of our younger youth a set of encouragement cards and she shared that she had never received mail before. She noticed that the cards had come from places all over the U.S. and thought that that was ‘so cool’… A few days later, when I came to meet with the youth again, she had all of the cards neatly arranged on the wall in her room. It’s been a few months since she received the cards and they are still up in her room.”

“We have one youth with limited family – she was turning 9 and none of her family was able to come for her birthday, which was really hard for her. When we handed her a stack of handwritten birthday cards, she smiled and spent time reading each individual message. The cards contained everything she needed to hear. That she was important. That she was loved. And that she was special.”


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