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Do you remember the fun of 
creating Mad Libs stories with your friends? 
We’re bringing it back!

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Fill in the blanks

Share your Braid Mentor story—Mad Libs style! Except in this version, use your real story.

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We’ll turn your story into a comic strip storyboard to share with others. You can remain totally anonymous if you like.

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Make a difference

Your ordinary story has the extraordinary power to inspire others to become mentors.

People remember stories.

Your story is a powerful tool to inspire others to start mentoring. But it can feel overwhelming to quickly sum up a complex experience like mentorship.

Even if you might never fully know the lasting effect you’ve had on your mentee, we see the impact you’re making. And we want others to see it, too!

That’s why we created this storytelling tool to help you capture your experience—so you can reflect on your time as a mentor and inspire others to join you in helping heal the wounds of the foster-care system.

Share your story by filling in a few blanks about your Braid Mission journey.

My name is
and I’m a
in the Bay Area. When I first learned
about Braid Mission, I felt
Could I really make a difference
by spending one hour a
week with a youth in
foster care? But
convinced me to try it out.
After training, I was
matched with two other
mentors, our
facilitator, and our youth.
Together, we make a
Every week, our Mentor Team
spends time with our youth
, or
, or
We talk about everything from
It’s been so
to watch our mentee
Before becoming a
Braid Mentor, I thought
mentoring, I have
been surprised that
My favorite part
of mentoring is
I’m just one
person, but by giving
up one hour a week,
I get to

*Those who write anonymously above will not have their name shared in any content, but we will notify you if we plan to share your story in any way.