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Opinion: Growing up in the foster care system, my pain, my scars and my needs became invisible

"To spread healing within our communities, I believe it’s important for people to go beyond what they think they know about foster care and mental health, and be open to truly connecting with the experiences...


In this short but moving documentary, a young man traces his own history of foster care in the Bay Area, telling his own story and those of other youth who aged out of care and...

The hurdles facing California kids, explained

The state ranks 35th in overall child well-being, which includes education, economic security and health.

Who Cares: A National Count of Foster Homes and Families

This wonderful interactive resource from The Chronicle of Social Change offers a comprehensive look at how many youth are in foster care in the U.S., by state and type of placement.

People Don’t Outgrow the Effects of Childhood Trauma Just Because They Become Adults

A good reminder of how childhood experiences (especially traumatic ones) shape our brains and how we don't just outgrow them.

New UCLA Research Center Will Focus on Preventing Entries into Foster Care, Needs of Foster Youth

A new research center here in California should provide valuable insights for all who work with youth in foster care.

Losing children to foster care endangers mothers’ lives

An academic study of the dramatic effects on women whose children are put in foster care.

Foster carers are more than parents – it’s important to recognise that

The chief executive of The Fostering Network explains the subtle & important difference in terminology used in the UK for "foster carers" rather than "foster parents."