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League of Everyday Superheroes

This holiday season, give the gift of mentorship to fight against the injustices of foster care.

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Relational wounds are healed in relationships.

That’s why we match youth in foster care with Mentor Teams who meet with them once a week—to cheer them on through the lows and celebrate the highs together.

Our mentors are Everyday Superheroes, using their mentorship powers to change lives.

And now you can join the League of Everyday Superheroes, too! Give the gift of mentorship to provide youth in foster care hope for a brighter future.


Would you be 1 of 65?

This Giving Tuesday, we’re raising $10,000—so more youth can receive the mentorship and support they need to look forward to a brighter future.

To get there, we need…

50 People To Give


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Honor the mentors and mentees that have transformed your life.

The consistent support of one person can change a life. Make a gift on behalf of your mentor or mentee—and share why they continue to inspire you.

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Braid Mission Donors

See the power of mentorship

“Claudia has been my "big sister" for 47 years now! She paid attention to details about things I loved as a kid and taught me about the power of making people feel special. She went above and beyond for me in big and little ways. The ways that I show love to people today are largely inspired by Claudia."

Jamie E.

“Kate D. - An infectiously positive person who can really make the best of any situation! Love her so much!"

Matthew M.

“My ninth grade English teacher Sylvia Chambliss required her students to keep a journal so we would make a practice of writing. She read and commented on all of the entries I submitted to her. She made me feel seen and heard, and she helped me find my voice."

Rebecca E.

"I have had the privilege of serving as a mentor and a facilitator of two wonderful teams, and the humor and resilience of the youth I've gotten to know is endlessly inspiring."

Tami F.

"Giving in honor of Rosalind Moser -- a mentor who was like a surrogate grandmother to me. She was always a safe place to land when life was hard. She taught me to appreciate nature and animals and to love others who are different than me."

Janelle T.

"Bobbi was a work mentor who has become a dear friend. She offered wisdom and encouragement during challenging times and unwavering support."

Sally D.