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We believe in the power of shared stories. Your experiences—either as a mentor or as someone who was mentored—provide invaluable insights and inspiration to our Braid Mission community. Please, would you share your story today?

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The Impact You've Made

Think back to those moments when you saw the difference your Braid Team made in the life of a youth. Whether it was a breakthrough conversation, witnessing them achieve a goal they never thought possible, or simply a moment of trust and connection that took your breath away.

Share a story of how your mentor group positively impacted a youth. Describe the situation, the youth's initial challenges, and the transformation you observed. Your story will serve as a beacon of inspiration for many.

The Impact on You

There might have been a coach who believed in you, a teacher who saw potential in you when no one else did, or another adult figure who walked alongside you during crucial moments of your life.

Reflect on a time when a mentor impacted your life. How did they support, guide, or challenge you? How did this experience shape who you are today and influence your decision to become a mentor?

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