Braid Mission


Chris Chase

The 60%

Over the months we have tried to share with you in whatever medium was at hand the unique challenges related to having spent time in foster care....
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Allowing God to Write the Name: Cards of Hope

We at Braid have some great news! Our Cards of Hope program that was a great success at Christmas is being extended. But before I give the...
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Mentoring: The Essential Piece of the Puzzle

Braid is founded on the belief that we are all the beloved of God, that God’s love is unconditional, and that we are all – and we...
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Remember The Alamo

As we mentioned in our podcast, Rebecca and I recently returned to Texas. The trip had two parts. The first was a return to Houston to continue...
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That’s some good human sh*t

The neighborhood of Mission Bay in San Francisco is an old dock land that was once the center of ship building on the west cost. Like many...
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The Old Map

Growing up in England, one becomes very familiar with the idea of a parish boundary. There was a definite geographic location, or the parish, associated with a...
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What’s In A Name?

I have always thought that the name of a church is important to the community. I have found that the name provides both definition to that particular...
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