Why Foster Youth?

The experience of foster care begins with trauma: a young person’s placement in the foster system begins with the traumatic experience of being removed from their home and placed in an unfamiliar environment, far from everything familiar that formed their sense of self. Many youth move through multiple placements, and every change can trigger a cycle of trauma.

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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Braid mentors work in teams to surround foster youth with a community of love, care, and hope, setting them on a path toward healing from the wounds of foster care. By being a listening ear, a consistent presence, and a safe space, you help restore a sense of self in foster youth by reminding them of their inner strength, beauty, and dignity.

Commitment and Flexibility

Working in teams ensures that each Braid youth has caring adults who are consistently present in his or her life, even when you are out of town or unexpected scheduling conflicts occur. Braid’s team setup gives you freedom to decide how and when your team can commit to spending time with your youth each week. Your teammates are your support system as you venture together into the transformative work of mentoring.

How It Works:

Gather Your Team for
One Hour A Week
Create An Adventure

Here are some ideas to help you get started—

Picnic in a park or at the beach

Plan a scavenger hunt in a neighborhood your youth has never visited

Bring ingredients to make slime

Learn a new card game together

Trained and Equipped to Make a Difference

When you become a Braid mentor, you receive comprehensive training that prepares you to be an effective mentor for the unique population of foster youth.
• You learn about the foster care system, and you also learn about trauma and its manifestations.
• You are equipped with the proper tools for understanding and responding to your youth’s behavior.
• Your assigned Team Facilitator serves as your guide, providing ongoing training and helping you reflect on the joys and challenges of mentoring.

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