What's it like to be a Braid Mentor?

We believe in the power of meaningful relationships to help heal the wounds of foster care. That's why we connect and train adults to become mentors to foster youth using a team-based, holistic mentoring model.

Meet Braid Mission


There are over 400,000 youth in foster care in the U.S., and with 60,000 foster youth, California has the highest population of any state. Deeply scarred by the wounds of foster care, these youth search for healing from the trauma of being removed from their homes and experiencing change and loss.

Why Foster Youth?


Braid mentors commit just an hour a week to surround foster youth with a community of love and support. You create a safe space for youth, helping to restore a sense of identity and value and setting them on a path toward healing from the wounds of foster care.

What is Team-Based Mentoring?


You are not alone. Team-based mentoring means you have the freedom and flexibility to figure out how to best work together toward the same goal. Be part of an authentic community built upon genuine relationships and shared vision.

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