[Yes, we are still accepting cards during COVID!]


  • Choose bright, colorful cards suitable for any ages 6-18. If you are writing thanks to social workers, choose any cheerful card.
    • Please note that we cannot use cards with religious messages, cards for specific holidays, or cards with images or messages that may be upsetting for children who have been separated from their families (see below for more details).
  • You can see examples of cards and messages on Braid’s Instagram story.


  • Your message doesn’t need to be elaborate. You can simply wish them well and let them know you are thinking of them on their birthday or that you are sending them encouragement.
  • Please sign your first name inside the card after your message (we won’t send anonymous cards).
  • Please sign as yourself and not from your company, group, or club.
  • Please add where you live if you’d like.
  • Please do not put a date on your card or reference particular months/seasons.
  • Please do not include any personal contact information.
  • Read some sample messages here.


  • Please include a blank greeting card envelope with each card that we can use to send your cards on to the group homes.
  • Add your first name and city/state (or country) in the return address section of each envelope.
  • Do not add a street address or corporate return address.
  • Do not seal the envelope.
  • You do not need to include stamps with your cards.


  • Put all your card(s) with envelopes into one larger envelope and mail them to:
    Braid Mission
    Cards of Hope
    629 Marin St. #4383
    Vallejo CA 94590
  • Please do not send your cards individually: package them together (with their greeting card envelopes) into one larger package.
  • Please bundle your cards by type (birthday, encouragement, staff thank you) and label them.
  • Note that if your package arrives to us with postage due it will be returned to you.


  • We appreciate your support in helping us mail the influx of cards we have received this year! You can donate online.

We are unable to use:

  • Cards with anonymous messages (unsigned)
  • Cards with full street addresses for the return address
  • Cards with dried flowers or bulky enclosures, which we cannot mail
  • Cards with icons that may be upsetting to children separated from their families: parents with children, idyllic family homes, flags, religious icons
  • Cards with religious messages or Bible quotes
  • Cards for specific days: Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, school graduation, start of new school year
  • Cards written in Spanish or other languages

Please read Cards of Hope FAQs if you have more questions about the process.

Read more about Braid’s intergenerational team mentoring for foster youth in the Bay Area. To hear the latest news about Braid and Cards of Hope and learn about special initiatives like our holiday wish list, please scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for the monthly e-news.