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Foster Care In the United States: A Timeline

A timeline of many different iterations of foster care in the U.S.

When ACEs Are Held By More Than One Generation, The Outcomes Are Concerning

New studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how Adverse Childhood Experiences affect multiple generations.

Does Privatized Foster Care Put Kids at Risk?

In search of efficiencies, many states have at least partially privatized their systems.

It’s All About the Receptors, Baby!

A great explanation of how cortisol affects energy and behavior, especially those who are exposed to toxic stress.

This Breathing Exercise Can Calm You Down in a Few Minutes

A simple breathing technique can provide benefits for those with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same

“There is no greater threat to a child’s emotional well-being than being separated from a primary caregiver. Even if it was for a short period, for a child, that’s an eternity,” said Johanna Bick, a...

Foster Parents Often Struggle To Find Doctors To Treat The Kids In Their Care

Foster parents say that even with health coverage, they struggle to meet the extraordinary health needs of their children.

Childhood trauma brings its own health problems for foster families

Written from the perspective of a prospective foster parent, this is an excellent and honest synopsis of the types of behaviors foster youth exhibit and how caring adults can respond with patience and love.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma: How Parents and Schools Work to Stop the Cycle

The impact of trauma can be tempered with interventions, including ones that focus on building and repairing relationships with adults.

Why relationships – not just money – are the key to improving schools

A recent study shows that "social capital" (such as a student's relationship with mentors in the community) has 3-5 times more impact on school performance than funding.