Braid Mission


Zoe’s Story

When Zoe* joined the Braid mentorship program as a tween who had spent time in foster care, she thought it would just mean more therapy.

But from day one, she was thrilled to discover her new mentors were more like built-in friends than therapists. From fashion shows to birthday treats, watch their Braid story unfold in this short video.

Zoe and her Braid team

Thanks to her Braid mentors, Zoe had a safe, consistent outlet for six years. Regardless of what was happening at home, she knew she could count on her Braid team to show up and spend quality time with her.

Zoe is just one of many teens in foster care who experience transformative friendships thanks to their mentors. And behind every Braid team and every special memory are our amazing facilitators!

Facilitators are the glue holding our teens, mentors, guardians, and care providers together. Every week, they provide behind-the-scenes support to mentors, field questions from their team, and can step in to navigate concerns with mentors, mentees, social workers, or family members.

And unlike our local mentors, facilitators can serve from anywhere in the U.S.—so you can make a lasting difference without ever leaving your house.

As a facilitator, you set your team up for success, providing the catalyst for life-changing relationships! Learn more about how you can volunteer as a facilitator today ->

When we work together as a team, we can enact real change.

*name changed for privacy