Host A Group Event

Host a Group

How It Works

You can send hope to foster youth and have fun with your friends or co-workers at the same time. Wherever you are, you can host a gathering to write cards to youth and/or social workers.

  • Gather your group and some blank greeting cards and envelopes, or supplies to make your own.
  • Read through the instructions on the Cards of Hope page so you know what kinds of cards and messages to send.
  • Have fun creating together!
  • Send your completed cards to us and we will take care of the rest.
  • Please fill out the contact form below to let us know to expect your cards.

Whether your group is large or small, you can help get hope in the mail.


If you are in the Bay Area, we are always grateful for groups that can help read and sort cards and get them ready to mail. If you would be interested in doing this, please contact us.