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Did you know Cards of Hope is a Braid Mission ministry?

Through our team-oriented approach to mentoring, Braid Mission helps heal the wounds of foster care by building trusted and supportive relationships.

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A three-pronged approach to relational trauma

Foster care inherently includes relational grief and loss, resulting in trauma for everyone involved. But research and experience show that consistent relationships help heal this type of trauma. That’s why we developed a team approach to mentoring rooted in ongoing relationships.

Investing in the
foster-care system since 2014

After witnessing the trauma of the foster-care system, our Braid Mission co-founders Christopher Chase and Rebecca Edwards saw a need for an accessible—and effective—way for more people to get involved. We developed a holistic, relational approach that helps heal these wounds and, since 2014, have equipped adult volunteers of all ages and walks of life to confidently mentor youth in the Bay Area. Today, we remain committed to our mission of changing lives through relationships.

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Everyone can play a role in healing  the wounds of foster care.

You don’t have to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to make a difference! Explore opportunities to invest in youth from home.

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Help us continue mailing Cards of Hope by covering the cost of postage and supplies.

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Become a facilitator

Support a volunteer group virtually to help them confidently mentor youth.

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Sponsor a team

Contribute to our mission by sponsoring mentor teams and enabling their life-changing work.