Help honor mothers and grandmothers of youth in our mentoring program

Why we send cards for Mother’s Day

Several of the youth that Braid serves have spent time in foster care and are now being raised by their grandmothers. A few of our youth have been reunited with their biological mothers after years in foster care.

As a special initiative of our Cards of Hope program, we are collecting Mother’s Day cards for these grandmothers and mothers who are working so hard on a daily basis to keep their children and grandchildren from spending more time in foster care. Almost all of these mothers and grandmothers are being supported by wraparound services from our partner organizations as they rebuild their relationships and learn how to keep their families intact. A simple word of encouragement would be a bright spot of hope for them this Mother’s Day.

Please send Mother’s Day cards to us by May 7. To read more about how to send birthday and encouragement cards to foster youth and social workers all year long, visit our Cards of Hope page.

How to send cards:

1. Choose a card (it doesn’t have to be a Mother’s Day card specifically but can be any beautiful/encouraging card). Write a nice message inside. Sign your name.

2. Please leave the envelopes blank and unsealed. We will address them for you.

3. Put your card(s) in a larger envelope and mail them to:
Braid Mission
191 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco CA 94102
– Including stamps with your cards is not required but much appreciated.

4. We must receive your cards by May 7 to get them in the mail by Mother’s Day.

5. We take care of the rest! We will address the envelopes and mail them individually to each mother and grandmother. If you would like to help with the cost of postage for this project, you can make a donation here.

If you have more questions about the details of sending your cards, check out our Cards of Hope FAQs.