Many foster youth never receive cards for birthdays or “just because.” Our Cards of Hope program makes sure they do.

Throughout the year, we send cards for birthdays (for youth ages 6-18). We also send cards of encouragement to youth and to their staff and social workers.


You can send us a few cards whenever you are inspired – birthday cards, encouragement cards, or both.

We will send your cards on to group homes and organizations that provide birthday boxes and transition duffel bags for foster youth.

This is a great activity to do with a youth group, co-workers, or family members!

How To Send Cards (click here)

Yes, we are still accepting cards during COVID! However, this year we are not able to accept holiday cards, which require a great deal of volunteer support to process. We hope you will consider instead writing some encouragement cards that we can send throughout the year.

Sample Messages & Special Requests (click here)

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Your contributions help cover the costs for our staff and volunteers to read, sort, and mail every card we receive. We appreciate your support in helping us mail the influx of cards we have received this year! If you would like to donate, please follow the link to do so online – please do not include checks in your packages.

Please read the Cards of Hope FAQs if you have more questions about the process.

Read responses from youth who have received cards.

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