Braid Mission


Giving Back In Many Ways

Every year, Saige transforms a $250 donation into over $1,000. 

What sounds like a philanthropic magic trick is actually thanks to her employer’s matching and volunteer programs. 

For six years, Saige has worked at Visa in the Bay Area where she’s a director working on cultural initiatives.  Since becoming a Braid Mentor, she has taken advantage of Visa’s generous programs to amplify her giving and the time she already invests in her mentee. 

Through work, she’s able to earn $10 for every hour she volunteers—up to $500. And during Giving Tuesday, Visa matches donations. 

“Braid is a small but mighty team,” Saige said. “Everything relies on donations and help from others. It’s more impactful [to give] when I know exactly where my money is going.”

Saige and her teammates at their Braid team launch in 2019.

Saige joined Braid Mission five years ago, driven by a desire to make a difference in the lives of youth in foster care. What started with tentative steps—coloring sessions and small talks—quickly grew into a deep, enduring relationship.

As the years passed, Saige’s role in her mentee’s life evolved from mentor to major supporter, confidant, and cheerleader. Through her team’s dedication, they have seen a child blossom into a young woman.

“It’s been rewarding to watch someone grow up and just all the things that come with that,” Saige reflected. “We start off coloring together, and then the next day, we’re talking about high school and the future and what you want to be when you grow up.”

By taking advantage of her employer’s matching programs, Saige not only has the opportunity to invest in her mentee. She also can extend the reach of her giving to help more youth in foster care experience mentorship!  

Consider this: Could your employer help YOU extend your impact as well? Many companies match employee donations, some even match volunteer hours. It’s worth a conversation that could lead to so much more!

Will you adopt Saige’s mindset: “If I can do more, I’d love to do more.”?

If you have questions about accessing your corporate benefits or how to find Braid in Benevity or other giving platforms, please reach out to us.