Braid Mission


“I’m too busy to volunteer.”


If you’re visiting our website, you likely have a heart for youth in foster care and want to know how you can support them…

…but you’re also probably very busy.

You’re aware there are broken systems and opportunities to volunteer. But the trauma that youth in foster care face is complex. It’s easy to doubt if you could actually do anything to confront such overwhelming systemic issues with your limited time.

As a full-time teacher in San Francisco, Claire didn’t think she had time either. Throughout the academic year, she was at school during the hours most nonprofits need volunteers. And during the summers, she traveled back home to Michigan, making it hard to commit to anything local.

But she had a passion for supporting youth in foster care. So in 2019, she became a virtual Braid Mission facilitator—without changing her work schedule or giving up her summer plans.

Facilitators are the glue holding Braid teams together. They communicate with their team of mentors and the youth’s guardian to answer questions, offer extra support, resolve conflict, facilitate reflection, and set their team up for success.

As one of our first remote facilitators, Claire has paved the way for volunteers just like you to participate in this life-changing work without ever leaving home.

Since 2019, Claire has served the same team, and when she moved back to Michigan full time, it was a seamless transition thanks to the years of virtual volunteering.

From developing her mentors’ natural strengths to relying on her experience in education to help their youth’s guardian pick a new school, Claire has been a crucial lifeline to her team. And, for Claire, the experience has been a meaningful way to stay connected with San Francisco and support a cause close to her heart. 

As a virtual facilitator, you have the same opportunity to use your gifts and interests to make a real difference in the lives of youth in foster care.

If you’re…

  • A compassionate person
  • A non-anxious presence
  • A strong communicator 
  • Able to be emotionally present 

…then you’d make an AMAZING facilitator! Learn how you can use your strengths to help youth in foster care experience life-changing mentorship

Don’t miss the chance to make your time truly count ➡️