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How your church community can support vulnerable youth in the Bay Area

Braid's Founding Vision

Journey with our founders as they recount the passion, challenges, and inspirations that led to the creation of Braid Mission and championing foster youth through mentorship.

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Guiding Principles

This short video provides an introduction to the four guiding principles that ground Braid volunteer teams in their work with foster youth.

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A Team's Story

This digital story was written and recorded by Team Zoe* to give a glimpse into the life of a Braid team over several years of ups and downs and the types of activities teams typically enjoy together. This media was created as part of Kyle Oliver’s doctoral dissertation, Becoming Tapestry.

*Name changed for privacy

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Build A Church Team

Braid teams surround foster youth with a team of caring adults, setting them on a path toward healing from the wounds of childhood trauma. Several local churches have formed their own Braid teams as a way to connect members of their congregation through meaningful service. Braid provides all the training and support along the way.


Cards of Hope

Through our Cards of Hope program, Braid sends thousands of cards every year to group homes and facilities that house youth who are separated from loved ones. This is a wonderful activity for church groups of all types.

Cards of Hope

Holiday Gift Cards

Most of the youth in Braid's program live with relatives (grandmothers or great-grandmothers) who have many children in their care. With your help, we can send them gift cards for the holiday season that they can use for toys, gifts, food, and whatever else they need.



Your generosity enables us to surround foster youth with communities of caring adults and raise awareness about the needs of foster youth. Because Braid is a non-profit organization, any contribution you make is tax deductible.


Other Ways to Support

Our donations page has more information about other ways to support Braid: mini golfing at Stagecoach Greens, purchasing unique handmade cards and jewelry, a children's book that gently explores the emotions of foster care, and utilizing matching gifts from your employer.