Braid Mission


Responding to Coronavirus

hand mural

Here is an update on how we at Braid are responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

One of our guiding principles at Braid is that of communion, and in many ways this virus has been a reminder of how just how interconnected all of us are – more than we would like right now!

We don’t have a blanket policy on how our teams should be responding, because we know that every team is unique and is affected differently by these events. 

We would ask that volunteers keep these things in mind as you decide how your team will be moving through the next few weeks:

  • In general, please do what you need to do for your own health and comfort level. We never want you to feel unsafe as a result of your commitment to Braid and your youth.
  • If you feel sick, stay at home. Braid is about long-term relationships, and missing a few outings in the interest of larger concerns is okay.
  • Even if you are at low risk of the worst consequences of the virus, please remember and respect that some of our youth have special health concerns (like asthma), and many live with elderly caregivers. It is possible that some of our youth and their families will need to be quarantined at points in the next few weeks, or that they won’t feel comfortable with regular meetings.
  • If your team is meeting as usual, please follow the general guidelines of washing your hands often, using hand sanitizer if you are lucky enough to have some, and modeling these good behaviors with your youth – these can be great mentor moments.
  • For team meetings, avoid crowded spaces and gatherings.
  • If your team would like to use the Braid Zoom account to connect if you’re not able to do so in person, we are always happy to help with that.
  • If your team needs to take time off, remember that there are other ways to be present with your youth: by sending them mail, texting, or connecting on social media (again, as you are able and comfortable doing so). 

There aren’t any All-Braid events scheduled until later in the year, and we hope that by the end of May the worst of the virus’s threat will be past. We will keep you updated if any of this information changes.

We trust that you will take good care of yourselves and each other. We give thanks for each and every one of you and always hope that you and those you love are well.