Updates for winter 2022

Given the rapid spread of the omicron variant even among vaccinated people, we are recommending that all members of a Braid team gathering (youth and adults) should incorporate two of these three safety practices when meeting in person: being masked, being outdoors, being socially distanced. Per CDC recommendations, wearing an N95 or KN95 mask will provide the greatest protection.

For now, virtual and outdoor meetings would be the best choice if and when you can prioritize them.

One of our primary concerns in updating guidelines is that many of our youth have elderly caregivers. We are not certain what the vaccination status is for all of these caregivers and we need to take every precaution to protect them.

As the pandemic landscape continues to shift, we encourage team members to talk honestly with each other about what will make you feel safe in participating and respect each other’s concerns.

Thank you for your vigilance.


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