Braid Mission


Chris Chase and Rebecca Edwards

Discovering Sanctuary in Parking Lot A

We had teamed up with our friend Jamie (the one in the tutu) at California Youth Connection/Youth Training Project to host a tailgate party at the Oakland...
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Lost Childhoods: Video Blog

This weekend we attended the grand re-opening of the Foster Youth Museum created by our friends at California Youth Connection. Our video blog includes footage of a...
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Holy Innocents

Wedged between Christmas and Epiphany, on December 28, the Feast of the Holy Innocents usually doesn’t get a lot of attention. It’s a particularly uncomfortable feast day,...
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Power to the People

This week we took an intensive class in community organizing. As with most things we’ve undertaken at Braid, we knew very little about what we were jumping...
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We Must Speak

In our podcast this week we discussed God’s calling of Samuel to be the “greatest” prophet of Israel. Samuel, we discover, was working in the Temple under...
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Sending Hope

Earlier this fall, we had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Lost Childhood. Foster teens in the y.o.u.t.h. training project (an initiative of California Youth Connection)...
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Giving Thanks

Three months ago we stepped out into the great unknown, with no small amount of trepidation. We followed the Holy Spirit to enter a world to which...
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We had the opportunity this week to visit with a wonderful brother in Christ who is also a Deacon at Allen Baptist Church in Oakland, Deacon Michael...
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Finding Holy Ground

For two clergy without a congregation, this past Sunday was amazingly busy. Our first stop was the early service at The Church of the Advent of Christ...
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