Braid Mission


Giving Thanks

thank you blocks

Three months ago we stepped out into the great unknown, with no small amount of trepidation.

We followed the Holy Spirit to enter a world to which we felt called but knew very little about. There is still much that is unknown, but the journey has led us to encounter many amazing individuals and organizations that have helped us find our way. In this season of giving thanks, we want to offer gratitude for all that has supported us in taking our initial steps.

We are grateful for the church communities that have formed us in ministry over many years and prepared us for this work, especially the graciousness of the people of Good Samaritan, San Diego, in blessing us and sending us forth this summer, and for continuing to send prayers our way.

We are grateful for new colleagues in the Diocese of California (many of whom are old friends), who have welcomed us, encouraged us, and invited us into their churches on Sunday morning.

We are grateful for so many organizations already doing amazing ministry – Bayview Mission, California Youth Connection, Human Services Agency, Night Ministry, and others – who have inspired us and allowed us to learn from them.

We are grateful for public transportation (most of the time).

We are grateful for good shoes and physical fitness that allow us to walk several miles a day.

We are grateful for all who have come to walk the neighborhood with us, including many members of the diocesan staff, whose support has been paramount.

We are grateful for all who have patiently educated us about the foster system and shared their stories.

We are grateful for those who share stories of survival publicly – Becca Stevens, Carissa Phelps, Andrew Bridge, Melinda Fife, and others – and serve as beacons of hope.

We are grateful for those who have agreed to serve on our board and envision with us what Braid can become.

We are grateful for good chocolate.

We are grateful for those people who take risks to pursue their dreams in this startup city: techies, artists, and small business owners.

We are grateful to be forming relationships with NBA teams, DJs, gardeners, drag queens, and many other partners in ministry we never would have imagined.

We are grateful for people in our favorite stores and cafes who greet us with a smile on a regular basis and have helped us start to feel a sense of belonging in a new city.

We are grateful for all of you who have opened your hearts to this mission, who take time to follow our blog and website and keep us in your prayers.

We are grateful to God for the opportunity to live out our vocation in new, challenging, and fulfilling ways and we are grateful that we’re able to do all of this as a team.