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Want to Leave a Legacy? Be a Mentor

How to make a positive impact that would keep you alive in the memories and lives of others.

On Group Homes, California’s Struggles are a Harbinger for Family First Act

Attendees of  Braid training have learned at least a little bit about foster care reform here in California phasing out "congregate care," or group homes. After the first full year of all these reforms being...

How these grandparents became America’s unofficial social safety net

As the middle generation has been hollowed out by the abuse of opioids and other substances, the oldest generation has become increasingly responsible for their grandkids, experts say.

Why child support in California isn’t going where it’s needed most

Proposed legislation in California would ensure that child support payments go directly to supporting children, not government programs.

‘We wan’t a kid you don’t have any idea what to do with’

Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy helps very vulnerable students succeed in high school—and beyond.

Behind the Nation’s Foster Care Crisis

America’s opioid epidemic has caused a surge in foster care admissions, overwhelming the child welfare system. Parents who use drugs are unable to care for their children. These children are at risk of developing substance...

Opioid crisis straining foster system as kids pried from homes

Across the country, the number of children in foster care is rising at unprecedented rates because of parents' opiate addictions. "A Monday with a heroin-dependent newborn spills into a Tuesday in which a trembling mother...

Why Foster Care Students in Seattle Are Beating the Odds

An initiative in Washington State surrounds foster youth with "superstars" to help them beat the odds in graduating from high school. "When we look at the youth who have the best experiences, it has a...

To the End of June: The Intimate Life of American Foster Care

A deep dive into the intricacies of foster care in America, from a reporter who spent five years interviewing foster youth, foster parents, social workers, and judges, and who faithfully recounts their stories and perspectives.

When Should A Child Be Taken From His Parents?

This article explores the essential question of when children should be removed, from the perspectives of biological parents, social workers, and judges. policies that surround it. It is a must-read on the deep, deep emotional complexities of...