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Every Time Foster Kids Move, They Lose Months of Academic Progress

How instability wreaks havoc on these children's school lives—and what can be done to fix it

Ensuring Educational Stability for Foster Kids

The new federal education law requires schools to track data on at-risk students’ achievement.

The Most Important New California Laws of 2016

Includes information on two bills introduced in the California Senate in 2016 that will impact foster care.

California Moves To Stop Misuse Of Psychiatric Meds In Foster Care

“We’re saying, you have to do something else — either first or at the same time — to really help a troubled child,” said Johnson. “Swallowing a pill doesn’t help with grief or trauma. It...

Choosing to Be a Foster Parent

There are more than 60,000 kids in foster care in California. Serving their needs depends largely on finding foster parents who can provide stable housing and care. This hour, foster parents join us to share...

Youth Law Center’s Jennifer Rodriguez Reflects on a Life in Foster Care

In her teens, Jennifer Rodriguez bounced between foster group homes, youth shelters and juvenile hall. Today, she has a law degree and runs a nonprofit that works to improve foster care. Rodriguez joins us to...

New Efforts to Provide a Stable Foster Care System for California Youth

A summary of some of the learnings from KQED's Forum Series about foster care in California in December 2015/January 2016

California Foster Care System Prepares to Phase Out Group Homes

In October, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law intended to scale back the use of group homes by the state's foster care system. Assembly Bill 403 aimed to reduce the time kids spent in group...

Changing the Odds of Foster Care

On any given day, 80,000 youngsters are in the state's care. Mostly low-income and minority, these children often struggle with mental or emotional problems. Two thirds of foster kids drop out of high school. As...

Mentoring Is Not a One-Way Street

Wisdom isn't exclusive to folks with more years under their belts. Parker Palmer invites older generations to celebrate the gifts of the young — energy, vision, and hope — and recognize the valuable knowledge contained...